Brendan leaves Ste with foxy Veronica, and she sets her sights on Ste. Meanwhile, Brendan offers Rae another chance on the decks at Chez Chez. Brendan brings Rae into the club only to interrupt Ste and Veronica snogging. Rae’s angry at Ste. When Ste realises that Brendan and Veronica know each other, he calls Brendan on it.

Diane, Rob, Lynsey and Sinead are in a state of shock: Finn has disappeared, and taken the baby with him. Finn and Amber attempt to drop the baby off at the hospital, but are caught in the act by Eva and Anita, who wangle the truth out of them. With everyone arguing over who should return the baby, Diane is in serious danger of getting herself in serious trouble.

Texas, Darren and Jem draw lots as to who will take control of the play in Lee’s absence – and Darren wins. Darren’s new version of the play mostly consists of the girls kissing each other, much to their dismay.

Also; Jem and Texas are delighted when Lee returns and is persuaded to pick the reins back up, but disaster strikes when Lee falls off a ladder while fixing a prop.

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