Eileen’s waiting for Brendan to come up with the money for her son’s treatment. Stuck as to where to find the cash, he starts to formulate a plan. With Cheryl spending the day with Eileen, he asks Rhys to drop the money off at the night safe. Brendan hangs around outside Chez Chez in anticipation of Rhys leaving with the money. He spots a shadowy figure coming down the stairs and hits them over the back of head…

Jacqui’s disturbed to find that her mother has sided with Bart and expects Jacqui to apologise to him. Jacqui flatly refuses and Myra launches into a full-scale attack on Jacqui. She takes the hint and tells her mother she’ll go. Rhys takes pity on Jacqui and offers her his spare room. It’s clear Rhys wants Jacqui to be more than just a flat-mate.

Leanne’s stressed about the play and with the beacon’s taking up the communal area, she flips at Kevin and Elliot. She demands they remove the beacon. On a mission to find a new place for it, they strike lucky when Brendan agrees it can be positioned outside Chez Chez.

Also, Ravi has some bad news for Anita; their mother, Bel, isn’t well and Anita’s needed back in Middlesbrough…

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