Brendan teaches Mitzeee to fight back!

Mitzeee is frantic about the trial. Brendan spots her unease and suggests a method to let out her anger – boxing. Myra tells her where her loyalties lie, leaving Mitzeee more determined to make Mercedes pay…

The McQueens prepare for Mercedes’ trial. Jim McGinn tells Mercedes not to tell the truth, she’ll never get out if she does, while Jacqui reassures Phoebe to do the opposite. Phoebe’s led into the court room with all eyes on her, she’s puzzled by Jim’s method of questioning, unsure what to say.

Mitzeee strides into the courtroom confidently and throws Mercedes a smile that means business. But she’s appalled when Jim questions whether it could have been Riley who attacked Mercedes and then suggests he also killed Lynsey.

Barney turns up at court and Nana McQueen reinforces their deal. She threatens that if he ever tells Carmel about the money, she’ll break his legs!

Bart is excited at the prospect of fatherhood. Meanwhile, Sinead’s university interview gets off to a bad start when the interviewer sees her throwing up. However, her enthusiasm shines through and they offer her a place on the veterinary course. Sinead decides she has to get rid of the baby if she wants any kind of future.