Brendan uses Carmel to smuggle drugs!

Brendan is delighted when Carmel agrees to accompany him to an event at the SU bar. Carmel turns up and Brendan manages to slip a package into her handbag. They get through security and then Brendan sneaks the package out.

Ste’s suspicious about Brendan’s motives and warns Carmel to keep her wits about her. Knowing what he’s up to, Brendan issues Ste a serious threat to watch his step; he has been warned.

Taylor decides to talk to Gabby about their future at Tony’s, and encourages her to go for it. Gabby and Tony decide that while they wait for Amber to come round, they can make a go of things in secret. They move in for a kiss, but are unaware Amber is watching.

Also; Jacqui and Rhys bicker at work and Cheryl wastes no time in pointing out that it’s clear they fancy each other, ordering them to go on a date together. Jacqui and Rhys agree to just pretend to have gone on a date, but Ste’s overheard their plan and dobs them in to Cheryl. She books them a table at Il Gnosh and they face the prospect of a date together.

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