Brendan is furious that Warren has changed the combination on the safe and won’t let him handle the money. Warren enjoys winding Brendan up while fully aware the money is dodgy. Dodger makes a delivery of alcohol at the club, striking up conversation with Warren about business and how Dodger’s contacts could help. Warren is impressed by Dodger and invites him into the office while he gets Dodger’s payment out of the safe. But while Warren thinks he’s making a new friend, Dodger’s being paid by Brendan to get the safe combination, allowing Brendan to take some money.

However, Mitzeee secretly pockets the stolen cash when she finds the envelope in the till. Warren is furious and panics when he finds the safe empty of his hard-earned dodgy cash. Meanwhile, Mitzeee is spending her newfound cash in Cincerity!

Carmel is still struggling with last week’s embarrassing massage so when gorgeous Father Francis walks in she gets the wrong end of the stick and chucks him out!

Also, Esther tries to spruce up Ricky and Duncan to help them find a girlfriend before the prom.

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