When Bob accuses Ruby of stealing, Brenda gets over her guilt by shoplifting again. This time, she’s in town at a department store, swiping an MP3 player. Creating a distraction, she plants another device on an unsuspecting customer and makes to leave undetected. But Brenda’s cunning fails as a security guard catches up with her! Desperate, she begs him to give her a break, using her daughter’s recent death as her excuse. The man’s sympathetic – but will he let her off?

There’s a bad atmosphere at Butler’s as Andy wants Ross gone. As the Bartons – and Ross himself – try to get him to change his mind, Moira steps in to remind the farmer how she and John gave him a lifeline when he needed it…

Smarting over her unrequited crush on James, Bernice has a date. But it doesn’t go well and the single mum is left feeling more glum than ever. Pollard, too, is suffering the love blues. As he takes stock of his broken marriage, Marlon tries to reassure him he’ll get back together with Val.