Brenda’s driven mad by grief!

Henshall’s not the only one who’s unhappy about being taken off the arson/murder case. Brenda freaks out – again – when she hears. She wants Andy arrested, she tells Gennie and, having had more than a few drinks, says that if the police won’t deal with him then she will. Desperate and a bit demented, she gets in her car, roars out of the village and aims the car right at Andy’s caravan on Butler’s Farm – where Andy’s inside!

Diane’s wishing she had pointed herself in Doug’s direction while she had the chance. Having been burned badly by Charlie the charming – but heartless – conman, Diane sees Doug in a different light. Where once he was dull and predictable, now he’s reliable and trustworthy. But unavailable. Val sees that Diane is jealous and gently points out that she had her chance and blew it. Laurel, though, is wishing Doug hadn’t reunited with her mother, Hilary. She thinks her father is making a huge mistake.

Has farm boy Adam made the mistake of thinking he’s irresistible? He asks Mia out and she doesn’t swoon with gratitude. Instead, she gives him a bit of attitude and keeps him hanging on…

*Second episode*

Shocked and frightened, Andy escapes his smashed-up caravan and is bashed up by Brenda, who’s convinced he set the fire and murdered Terry and Viv. Farmer John and Moira hear the racket and drag Brenda into their house. Phew! Except it’s not over. Gennie has called Henshall, who turns up at the farm with Katie and Gennie. He lets Gennie take her mum home and Andy’s furious. He wants Brenda arrested, but Henshall says that’s not going to happen. And if Andy’s not happy he can make a complaint. And that’s where Henshall makes a mistake. Because Andy’s had enough of Henshall insinuating he’s guilty of something he didn’t do.

Aaron’s got over the guilt he feels about seeing Flynn and enjoys his date. The lads really hit it off and Flynn asks Aaron out again. This time Aaron doesn’t talk things over with Jackson, he accepts immediately.

Lisa cannot and will not accept Derek in her home. Good for her! She went out with Zak to watch Samson in his school play, but then Derek turned up to watch his nephew in the same play. And then Zak invited Derek back to the cottage for a drink! But Lisa makes sure he doesn’t stay long.