After scaring herself with a self-diagnosis through Nikhil’s medical encyclopaedia, Brenda is determined to believe that her health problems are all down to the menopause and she doesn’t need to see a doctor. But she definitely does need a doctor after she crashes her car – and with Molly inside! Brenda’s taking Molly swimming when she loses all concentration and suddenly her car is heading straight for Val! Alicia went to prison for hitting Val – imagine what could happen to Brenda if she runs her over!

Edna’s imagining how everyone’s probably talking about her being broke and is mortified. She can’t bear people knowing the sorry mess her life has become. Ashley, bless him, convinces Edna to pray with him. But what would be the answer to her prayers? Definitely not the food parcel Vanessa has put together! Edna is utterly humiliated when Vanessa presents her with offerings from villagers. Perhaps Vanessa should pray that Edna’s still too weak to bite off the hand that’s trying to feed her!

Chas is feeling stronger in herself and has given Thomas a job – that’s Thomas who stalked her because (as far as he knows) she killed his father, Carl. Cameron’s furious. Having Thomas around is a constant reminder that it was he who killed Carl and then let Chas suffer. Watch out, Thomas!