Brenda has crashed her car into a wall. Molly’s not hurt and she narrowly misses Val – who’s convinced she was trying to run her down. Well, Brenda did have that fling with Pollard and Val’s sure she still secretly lusts after him. Or, says Val (again), Brenda’s drunk and should be breathalysed. The truth is, Brenda is ill and when she collapses Bob calls an ambulance. It’s starting to look very much like Brenda’s giddy moments aren’t due to the menopause and now Bob and Gennie are worried.

Chas is worried about Cameron’s temper… Not so long ago, she saw him in a violent fury and ready to crack open Cain’s head with an iron bar and now she sees him turn on Thomas when the lad has an accident working in the pub. Marlon sticks up for Thomas but Cameron is vicious, telling the boy he doesn’t belong in Emmerdale. Chas is horrified and Thomas breaks down, saying with his father gone he needs to be near Jimmy.

Rachel wants to be near Sam – very, very near. She suggests to Sam that he has a sleepover – in her bed, and they’re not going to be doing much sleeping!