Paige and Brennan arrange to have their first official date at The Waterhole and Lauren suggests Paige wear a knock-out outfit. She turns up to the date wearing a vintage outfit, but Brennan is aghast to see it’s one of Kate’s dresses! Shocked to the core, he tells a stunned Paige to get out.

Having sensed Josh’s reluctance at her proposal to buy the gym, Terese vents to Brad. But unfortunately, Brad uses the same turn of phrase Lauren used with both Brad and Terese earlier, inadvertently revealing that he confided in Lauren. Terese is angry but allows herself to sink into Brad’s arms – she’s an emotional wreck.

Georgia’s devastated when told by Jessica Girdwood that she’ll never sing again, due to the formation of scar tissue after her operation and refutes any suggestion of it being her fault. When Georgia later sees Karl and Jessica heading off to a social function together she confronts them, accusing them of covering up what really happened in surgery.