Brennan attacks Dimato

It’s the day of Matt’s funeral and Susan’s supported by Toadie in the lead-up to performing her first funeral. Lauren is determined to stay strong for her kids, but struggles when Danni arrives apologising for the accident that took Matt’s life. Lauren stoically accepts and makes it through the emotional funeral. She’s proud of Bailey when he stands up to speak about how much he misses his father. The Turners now prepare to fly to Mount Isa, where they’ll scatter Matt’s ashes.

Having packed up Matt’s personal things at work, Brennan gives a heartfelt eulogy for him. But the cracks start to show when. later, Dimato turns up at Matt’s wake. Finally, the pressures of the day become too much for Brennan, and he snaps, attacking Dimato publicly at the wake.

Georgia’s gutted by the injustice of her suspension from work and, after Matt’s wake she puts a plan into action, determined to find out how Nick set her up. She’s convinced it has something to do with the mystery patient he’s treating and if she and Kyle can unmask the patient then she can clear her name.