Can the Brennan family work through their crisis?

Fay delivers the heartbreaking news...

The Brennan brothers await Fay’s arrival to find out which brother isn’t Russell’s biological son. As the brothers wait for their mother, they try to pass the time by playing games, but it only reminds them of Russell and their childhood. Fay finally arrives and after explaining that she had an affair at the height of her marital breakdown to Russell, she reveals which brother isn’t a biological Brennan. Will the news tear the family apart for good?

Meanwhile, when Mishti learns that Yashvi and Ben are being blamed for the condom found in the rubbish, she admits to Dipi that it belongs to her and asks her not to tell anybody, especially Shane. After thinking long and hard, Dipi decides she needs to pluck up the courage and tell Shane that the condom belongs to her and not their daughter. Will her admission have consequences for her marriage?