Brennan finds Matt with Dimato

Brennan is surprised to hear that Matt, along with lots of other cops, recently received a large chunk of back-pay due to a clerical error. He follows Matt after work, and comes across him in conversation with Dimato. Matt’s trying to quit working for the gangster, but Dimato offers him a ‘severance package’ that is anything but, and as Matt pockets the cash, Brennan watches wide-eyed.

Georgia and Nick set up for a blood drive to raise the hospital’s profile for the Cancer Research Centre. Georgia refuses to give blood as she’s scared of needles but Nick’s compassion persuades her to change her mind. Brad notices their closeness and begins to suspect Nick is up to no good. When removing the needle, Nick’s touch lingers and Georgia can’t help but feel a bolt of chemistry.

Chris is trying to arrange the required documents for Nate’s visa and he’s annoyed to find Nate still hasn’t started the work. Nate manages to spin it as youthful desire to enjoy their baby-free lifestyle while they can, but deep down Chris is beginning to wonder if Nate is as keen about this baby as he says he is.