Brennan insults Naomi

Brennan is suspicious when Naomi rumbles into the garage in a vintage Rover, assuming she bought the car using the money Paul paid Gary. Naomi is hurt and walks out. Later, the real owner of the car arrives at the garage, clarifying that Naomi was merely helping her sell the car.

Lauren can’t understand why Matt would want to commit to a huge mortgage in order to own the house they’re already living in rent-free. Brad gives her another perspective, reminding her that Matt’s been pretty understanding about everything that’s happened over the last year and this might be his way of getting some control back. When the kids learn of their parents’ plan, they are thrilled – they’re going to be loaded.

When Terese learns that Chris has quit his job, she wastes no time offering him a position at Lassiters as a trainee manager. Chris goes to Terese and signs on, and so begins a new chapter of his life.