Sonya manages to put a smile on Brennan’s face and, with Nell as her accomplice, even prompts him to reveal a little of his grief at the loss of Kate. Later, Sonya comes across a shopping list that suggests that Sienna’s still around and Brennan confesses they kissed. She offers Brennan support and it’s all going well until Brennan snaps at Nell for knocking over Kate’s things. Later, Brennan finds a threatening note written on Sienna’s distinctive notepaper amongst Kate’s things. Sienna threatened Kate.

Bailey is suffering the effects of his night out with Jayden, when Callum reveals that Bailey called Josie late last night and said some things he shouldn’t have – Josie is not happy. Later, he gets a text from Josie dumping him. All is lost, so when Jayden suggests a night over at his, Bailey accepts.

Josh is maudlin after discovering that his arch-rival in the pool is touted as a medal chance for Glasgow. But when he and Amber run into Daniel on his skateboard, Josh becomes fixated on mastering a skate trick, and a new sporting obsession is born.

Also, Daniel and Amber, abandoned by skating Josh, have lunch together and feel an incredible attraction to one another. Daniel clearly wants to talk about it, but Amber blocks him out.