Brennan makes a discovery at Kate’s grave

When a shaken Paul discovers Terese distributing photos of Victor Cleary to the staff at Lassiters, he insists she leaves the policing to the police. Meanwhile, Brennan too, is very much hands off, to Matt’s surprise. Later, Brennan observes Paul leaving flowers at Kate’s grave. Upon further inspection he discovers a note Paul has left for Victor Cleary.

After seeking counsel from Lou, Lauren mulls over his advice to tell Matt the truth about the kiss she shared with Brad. But when Matt spontaneously buys the two of them bikes, she’s touched. Torn, Lauren is no longer sure if she should admit the truth.

Susan and Karl’s daughter Libby and grandson Ben arrive. Libby’s offered to fill in as deputy principal for three weeks to help out Susan. When Karl discovers Libby doesn’t have another permanent position to go on to, he decides to try and persuade them to stay.

Kyle realises he has to do something to help kickstart his business again. Loved up, Georgia offers to help so they can continue to spend time together. She and Chris hit upon the idea of creating a Dial-A-Kyle Facebook page to drum up interest. But Chris is thrown when he stumbles across a compromising photo of Kyle and another woman in Thailand…