Tyler confirms Imogen is the owner of the car he’s been hired to strip. He strikes a deal with Dimato, promising to do a favour in exchange for possession of the car. Meanwhile, Brennan is called into the station and Naomi reminds him of his desire to help people. When Tyler returns home later that day, he’s stunned to find Brennan in police uniform and realises he’s living with a cop, while under Dimato’s thumb.

Nick tells Terese and Brad he has a new job and he’s staying in town but Brad warns an annoyed Nick against accepting Paul’s help. Terese begs Brad to try to get along with her brother, and in an attempt to bond, they all share a meal together.

Sheila is thrilled when she learns Harold is newly single. Harold tactfully asks Lou if there is anything between him and Sheila and Lou makes it clear he has no interest – if Harold is game she is all his.