Brennan wants Kate back

Kate’s floored when Brennan reveals the truth about his ‘death’ two years ago. Although she maintains she’s with Mason now, Kate can’t help but be drawn to Brennan in her need for closure. When Mason discovers that Kate’s ex is back from the dead, he stakes his claim over her and almost gets physical with Brennan. Kate tries to make Mason understand that she needs to see Brennan to be able to get some closure on that period of her life, but Mason struggles with it. Meanwhile, Brennan makes his intentions clear – he wants Kate back!

Steph tries to make amends with Lucas and Vanessa by revealing that she faked contact from Vanessa’s ex-husband. Lucas maintains he never wants to see Steph again, but Vanessa is driven to confront her – assuring Steph that she is the right woman for Lucas.

When Toadie visits Steph she accepts full responsibility for her wrongdoings and intends to leave Erinsborough for good.

Sheila tries to keep Lou’s spirits up, but Mason thinks their friendly banter hides something more and wonders whether Sheila has a crush on Lou.