Kate gets the shock of her life when Brennan’s ex girlfriend, Sienna, walks out of the bathroom at number 24. Kate assumes that Brennan must’ve invited Sienna. Brennan assures Kate that he had no idea, but Kate shuts him down. Brennan realises he needs to be firm with Sienna and tells her he’s still in love with his ex. Brennan won’t give her a name, but when Sienna later sees him with Kate, she figures it out. Sienna later shows up at the penthouse, and demands Kate set Brennan free so they can get back together.

Chris is worried about his mother when she doesn’t turn up to meet him at the Farm Day. Chris touches base with Sonya and learns his mum had a legitimate excuse for being late. But his worries finally convince him to go with Callum to the support group meeting.

Sonya urges Toadie to accept the offer from his old firm to go to Chile for work. But after a push from Chris, Sonya admits to Toadie that she’s against the idea, just as he’s about to walk out the door. Toadie has no option but to leave, with the tension lingering…

Kyle asks Georgia to a barbecue at his place. But Georgia declines – she doesn’t want to give Kyle the wrong idea.