Paddy gets to do something he has wanted to do for weeks… He gets to throw out Brett the vet! Rhona tells Paddy that while he was renewing his bromance with Marlon, Brett the vet was trying to start a romance with her! Yes! And that gives Paddy the perfect excuse to sack Brett. Paddy wouldn’t dream of asking Rhona to work in such awkward conditions – and, anyway, he never liked Brett. So, now Paddy feels more secure in his marriage – but Rhona has to work solo again and won’t have much time for the, er, pleasures of married life.

Time’s the one thing Chas has plenty of – and she spends it thinking about her future – her bleak future. Chas doesn’t believe a jury will find her innocent – and she doesn’t think they should. Chas believes she killed Carl and tells cowardly Cameron that she’s going to plead guilty. Chas doesn’t know that Cameron killed Carl; that the man who she thinks of as her hero is really the villain of the piece.

Laurel tells Marlon she feels like a villain because she thinks she has torn her family apart. But he assures her they can put things back together because they love each other. Yes, Marlon’s confidence is sky-high now that he has Paddy to pal around with again.