Brian overhears Leah and Rachel talking about Leah’s insurance payment. Thinking Bridget is going ahead with the scam and keeping all the money, Brian confronts her. Rachel forces Bridget to tell Alf that she is leaving for America today. Alf says he will follow her over there soon. Leah is shocked when the bank tells her someone is trying to access her funds.

Meanwhile, VJ wants to spend time with Miles and Jai. But at the park, VJ runs off. Little does Jai know, Brian has kidnapped VJ and is holding him for ransom. How far will Brian go for Leah’s money?

Belle is in agony and Rachel’s worried to hear she’s taking Larry’s painkillers which are addictive and strong. Nicole persuades Aden to tell Belle about his university offer, but he decides against it. Aden then tells Nicole he’s got a job with Don Gibson on a prawn trawler.

Nicole tells Don that Aden doesn’t want the job, but a furious Aden finds out. Don then tells Aden the job is no longer available. Aden is fuming at Nicole for ruining his plans.

Miles is feeling the pain of Kirsty’s absence. When Melody deliberately disobeys him, he completely loses it with her.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday February 16*

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