Brian’s involvement terrifies Faye

A devastated Anna watches the video of Faye bullying and is shocked to the core. Sickened, an outraged Anna tells Faye half of the street knows what she did. Gary suggests Grace was the ringleader and Faye was just trying to impress her. Anna decides to discuss the affair with Grace’s mother but is put out when she fails to take the bullying incident seriously. When Brian calls round, the realisation of what she’s done hits Faye hard when social services and the police have to get involved.

Peter’s inconsolable about the video going viral and snaps at Carla when she tries to discuss the wedding. When he bumps into Tina in the corner shop he thanks her for all her help and it’s clear they are attracted to each other.

Hayley’s finished her chemotherapy and wants to get back to making Carla’s dress. Roy confides in Mary that he understands what this dress means to Hayley, but he wishes he could spend every single second with her because he’s scared he doesn’t have much time.

Also, Steve offers to organise Peter’s stag do, but Peter isn’t interested.