Bridget and Declan are trapped

The trapped survivors struggle to stay positive while, outside, Paul and Susan feel helpless as the rescue attempt continues to be delayed. Meanwhile, Bridget is embarrassed after her seizure and places emotional distance between herself and Declan, despite Declan admitting that he still has feelings for her.

Riley struggles to maintain Elle’s focus as she drifts in and out of consciousness, and he ends up sharing stories from his past in an effort to keep her with him. Losing hope, Jessica asks Ringo to pass on a message to her mother but Ringo vows that they will get her out of the disaster zone.

Zeke challenges Karl on his decision to abandon him for Libby. Karl is still very worried about Libby who is lying motionless and alone in the wreckage.

Bridget and Declan are the first to emerge from the ruins, followed by Elle and Riley. Elle is in a serious condition and is rushed to hospital. Ringo is rescued but is devastated to hear that Jessica didn’t make it. Susan is distraught as she realises her family remain trapped inside.

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