Bridget and Declan get hitched in secret

Bridget decides to forget her fears of marriage and seize the moment. She convinces Declan that a spontaneous wedding is the perfect way for them to embrace their future together. When Zeke, Ringo, Sunny and Donna arrive, they are surprised by the plan, but equally eager to help prepare for the occasion.

Sunny secretly worries how Rebecca and Bridget’s parents will react when they find out about the unauthorised nuptials. But she soon realises her worries are really just a cover for her own guilt about not telling her parents of her blossoming relationship with Zeke.

Steve and Miranda’s growing romance is temporarily derailed when Rebecca reveals Declan and Bridget have gone missing. When they discover that Declan and Bridget disappeared to find Paul, Rebecca feels completely responsible and leads the search to find them.

Declan panics when he realises he’s lost the paperwork that they need for the wedding to go ahead legally. He also battles with his conscience that tells him the secret marriage is a betrayal of Rebecca’s trust. However, when all obstacles are finally overcome the happy couple are united in a touching, informal ceremony. But will the arrival of an angry Rebecca, Steve and Miranda spoil their celebrations?

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