Bridget takes her relationship with Declan to the next level, making him miss his football game. But their happiness is threatened by Mickey who blackmails the couple, much to Bridget’s surprise.

At the Dingoes quarter final match, Zeke is forced to turn reluctant hero when Declan, busy with Bridget, fails to show. Meanwhile, tempers fray on the sidelines as Rebecca and Donna clash with the opposition’s supporters. Later, Declan is made to feel guilty as Steve demands to know why he didn’t turn up to the game.

Donna’s father Matt tells Donna her mum wants to her to go and visit, which prompts the unpredictable Donna to drag Ringo with her and take off in her dad’s police car.

Nicola confides in Toadie that she could be HIV positive. Later, when Nicola almost cuts herself at home, Toadie can’t ignore his fears for Callum’s safety. Curious, Callum forces Toadie to explain what’s going on and is told that Nicola might be ill. Toadie is humbled by Callum’s mature reaction, which wins Nicola’s heart.

Also, Rebecca flirts with Donna’s dad Matt.