Bridget and Declan name their baby

The Parker-Napiers celebrate Bridget and Declan’s baby coming home but struggle to find a proper name for ‘Tadpole’, and Donna’s kooky suggestions are no help. Finally, by looking to her hopes for the future, Bridget and Declan find a name that is perfect.

Dan is furious that Karl’s taken their story to the paper again but Libby is moved as she realises her Dad has sacrificed his job for her sake. Emotions run high as she realises Toadie too has reservations about the surrogacy plan.

Toadie clarifies that he supports her desire to have a baby but worries that the IVF fight is tearing apart the family he loves. When he sees the battle is actually helping the Kennedy’s unite, he shows his support for them. However his emotional involvement sees him stumble and make the situation even worse, causing Libby to fire him from the case.

Touched by Karl giving up his job, Susan shows her love with a risque suggestion. But as Karl and Susan prepare to have some fun with their ‘Blue Box’, they’re aghast to find it is missing. They go on a mad hunt to track it down, before they’re mortified to discover it has been found by Rebecca.

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