Ringo and Donna are still upset by Bridget and Declan’s harsh evaluations of them as godparents; insecurities about their friendship surface. Donna tries to fix things by throwing them a party. When Ringo sees how upset Donna is that yet another family (her friends) is falling apart, he joins her cause in bringing the group back together. Exhausted from sleepless nights, Bridget and Declan are touched by their friends’ gesture but, when a dietary requirement is missed, Ringo’s true feelings are revealed and tempers fray. Is this the end for these best friends?

Dan rescues Lucas from a dangerous encounter with Johnno and demands to know if Lucas’ gambling problem has resurfaced. Though he knows that his gambling has risked his own safety and business, Lucas still can’t admit that he’s fallen off the wagon. Dan’s uncompromising support and trust encourages Lucas to tackle his addiction. The question is, have Lucas’ problems already gone too far?

Mickey finds a way to say a temporary goodbye to Jake when he realises that he’ll have to leave his best friend behind. Seeing his travelling partner unhappy, Lou recruits an unlikely, frustrated artist to help him remind Mickey that he’s never too far from Ramsay Street.