Bridget bids farewell to her teens

Zeke manages to get free tickets to the Winter Cool Music Festival as a wedding present for Bridget and Declan. Bridget realises this is her last chance at being a teenager before the baby arrives and the whole gang prepare to bid farewell their teen days in true style.

The teens stick together and protect Sunny when they all confess to stealing the cigarette costume. Despite being deeply touched by the gesture, Sunny won’t consider a reconciliation with Zeke, as she is freaking out about how much she’s lying to her parents.

Libby is upset when Karl cancels a psychological assessment that is essential to her and Susan’s acceptance to the IVF program. The whole surrogacy plan is jeopardised and Susan is furious that Karl would put his own concerns above his daughter’s happiness. This causes serious problems in the Kennedy marriage.

Meanwhile, Steph suspects Libby is keeping something from her and feels shut out by her best friend. Toadie reassures Steph that the secret might be nothing to do with her. Paul continues with his scoop story on the grandmother surrogacy, unaware that Susan is the grandmother in question.

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