Bridget collapses

Declan kisses one of the football groupies but Zeke sees them before Declan realises his mistake. Declan tries to persuade Zeke to promise not to tell anyone but Zeke is so disgusted with Declan’s behaviour that he threatens to tell Bridget if Declan doesn’t. Furious, Declan lashes out at both Zeke and Rebecca, further isolating himself from any support and making matters worse before he realises he has to confess to Bridget.

Bridget and Donna attend work experience at the hospital. However, Bridget is preoccupied with her personal life and struggles to show herself as a viable med student. When Carmella has an accident, Bridget’s first aid skills prove her to be more than capable of achieving her medical goals. However, it comes at a cost as Bridget’s health takes a turn for the worse and she faints with exhaustion.

Susan is busy making preparations for Libby and Dan’s engagement party, however Ty turns down Susan’s request for him and Rachel to play at the celebration. Toadie decides to ask Ty why he turned down Susan’s offer. Ty then turns to Rachel and admits his fears about his ability to make it in the music industry, and they both get over a hurdle in their relationship!

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