As Bridget struggles to cope with the burden of her secret, the cracks start to show. After an incident in the classroom, Bridget admits to a concerned Declan that she’s struggling to cope without Riley’s support. But when Declan offers to take Riley’s place and be a shoulder to cry on, Bridget finally admits everything. Meanwhile, Nicola’s secret also threatens to be revealed, but what will Miranda say?

After a chat with Lyn, Carmella decides she needs to make time for romance with Marco. However, she is disappointed when Marco gives in to his father’s demands and cancels their dinner plans. Left by herself, Carmella ends up giving into the temptation to return to her bad habits and steals more cash from the General Store.

An excited Toadie prepares for his adoptive child to arrive, but is determined to do things by himself. However, when Sam and Dan point out the challenges that lie ahead with raising a child, Toadie realises he can’t do it alone.

Also, Steph is left with temporary custody of Bob the dog, after it’s revealed he’s the cause of Dan’s ‘chicken pox’.

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