Bridget ends up in hospital

Bridget is rushed to hospital after Declan and Harry fight over Rebecca’s involvement with Paul Robinson. Her wrist is only sprained, but she fears the worst when she can’t feel the baby kicking. Declan struggles to deal with being responsible for placing his child in danger.

Bridget and Miranda blame Rebecca’s allegiance to Paul for driving Declan to act out. He acknowledges that his mother has a lot to deal with in loving Paul, but realises that he can’t fight her battles for her. Rebecca can see the strain she’s putting on him, and finally contacts Paul to tell him she can no longer be with him.

Despite the set back, the show must go on and the play goes ahead, much to the relief of Zeke and Sunny, who are banking on the play to facilitate their first kiss. However, Sunny’s nerves let her down and threaten to derail everything, but Donna and Zeke’s ab-libbing encourages Sunny to take to the stage and she falls into a long and passionate kiss with Zeke.

The School Council chairperson is completely unimpressed with Dan’s handling of the boy’s fight, however the play’s success may mean a temporary reprieve for him.

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