Bridget eyes her next target

Having given up hope of getting together with Miles, Leah invites Kirsty to a reconciliatory lunch with her and Rachel. When Bridget hears about it, she invites herself along as well and helps thaw the ice between Leah and Kirsty.

As the group discuss how Leah can spend her money, Bridget asks to see a photo of Dan, and when Leah isn’t looking, she deftly pockets her driver’s licence. Afterwards, Bridget makes a conspiratorial call, requesting an ‘urgent’ service, and listing Leah’s details. Could she be planning to steal Leah’s identity?

After overhearing how Kirsty feels about him, Miles gets confused when he discovers a letter from Kane and realises she is still in contact with her husband. He confronts her and she reveals the letter is a goodbye note.

Roman, Tony, Miles and Jack go out for a day’s fishing on the Blaxland boat. Alf bets them they won’t catch any fish and it’s not looking good for the boys. Miles gets a brainwave, suggesting they buy a fresh fish, and Alf will be none the wiser. All seems to go according to plan, except they realise the fish they’ve bought can only be found in New Zealand.

Also, Tony gets home to receive news that Rachel is finally pregnant.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday January 12*

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