Bridget feels rejected

Bridget tells Declan she wants to withdraw her application to meet her real birth mum, however when she rings to cancel she finds out it’s too late and arrives home to find a letter already waiting for her. She opens it to find she’s been rejected by her own mother.

Harold decides to donate his house to the Salvation Army for a family that needs it. However, the residents of Ramsay Street are not happy and the general feeling is that the value of their houses will go down. While Lou is worried about the timing, and Harold’s health, Toadie gives Harold the reassurance he needs to go ahead with his plan.

Back at school, Declan is furious when he sees Kyle turn up to class. At the end of class, Declan goes after Kyle and threatens to hit him. However Kyle already looks defeated, showing the teens how upset he really is over the loss of Zeke.

Kelly tells Toadie she’s going to teach English in a small school in Africa. Upset, Toadie asks her why she’s bailing after their first real argument. Kelly tells him that’s not the reason, she just really needs to do something for herself.

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