Bridget gets busted!

Bridget returns to the Bay to support Alf and Martha after Jack’s death, apparently postponing her chemotherapy. But Rachel is suspicious of her treatment programme and contacts Bridget’s mother to find out whether Bridget really does have cancer. When Bridget’s mother rings Bridget telling her Rachel has been asking questions, Bridget realises her game is up. Rachel asks Bridget when she will be telling Summer Bay the truth…

Kirsty is overjoyed that Kane has regained consciousness, but uncertainty remains over her feelings for him. After witnessing their happy family reunion, Miles is concerned about where he stands. Kane tries persuading Kirsty to be with him, but she can’t commit to anything. She thought she was in love with Miles, but seeing her husband near death has confused her.

Melody is hazy about her part in the school blaze. But when she eventually remembers that she was the one who locked the hall doors, she freaks out. Scared that Miles will send her back to the psychiatric clinic, Melody prepares to run away. But Miles finds her and coaxes her to open up. Initially he’s pleased that he was able to break through Melody’s shell, but Miles is soon shocked when she confesses all.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday February 5*

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