Bridget gets cold feet

Bridget is having a joint baby shower and engagement party. Although she loves Declan, Bridget starts to doubt if she is ready for marriage. When Donna gives Bridget a wedding veil as a joke engagement present, Bridget freaks out and tells Declan she can’t go through with it. Declan can’t understand how she could love him but not want to marry him and insists it’s the right thing to do. But Bridget doesn’t agree and Declan is devastated.

Rebecca is keen to keep her relationship with Paul a secret. She is concerned that she will be made to look a fool if Paul cheats on her again. Paul comes up with a solution that he feels will put her at ease. He says he’ll pay her $50,000 if he ever cheats on her again.

Rebecca is horrified that Paul believes she would accept his financial agreement, however Elle helps Rebecca understand it’s just Paul’s twisted logic. Rebecca finally goes public and receives mixed reactions from family and friends.

Elle and Lucas discover that the locket they found under Harold’s floor contains the initials of Elle’s grandmother, Anne Robinson. The question is, why was the locket there? Intrigued, Lucas continues the hunt and discovers a box carved with Anne Robinson’s name. Will it contain further clues to the mystery?

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