Bridget gets in too deep

Nicola encourages Bridget’s blossoming relationship with Chris and agrees to Bridget’s suggestion to keep it a secret from her parents. Later, Bridget fears he has stood her up for their date at the Formal, but he surprises her with a necklace. Dancer chaperones Steve and Miranda worry when they see Bridget and Chris kissing on the dance floor. But they don’t see Bridget going back to a Lassiters hotel room with Chris who ends up pushing her further than she is prepared to go…

Toadie and Steph argue about Toadie’s plans to adopt, with him reacting badly to Steph’s suggestion that he only wants a new child after losing her and Charlie. Toadie enlists Samantha’s help to speed up his adoption application while Steph enlists Libby to talk him round. However, when Samantha spots a dodgy document in Toadie’s paperwork, she tells him she cannot help him with his case.

Zeke is left heartbroken when he learns Brad is sending Taylah to boarding school. However, at the school formal, he is thrilled when Taylah arrives, and they spend one last happy night together.

Also, Rachel stuns everyone with her singing at the Formal.

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