Bridget goes into labour

With Ringo and Declan out searching for Sunny and Zeke in the bush, Bridget is alone and in labour. In a tent! At a music festival! When her labour progresses quickly and no ambulances are available to take her to hospital, a terrified Bridget faces the daunting prospect of giving birth straight away and without Declan.

However, much to Bridget’s relief, Declan finally arrives and with the assistance of Trisha, the St John’s Ambulance Officer, and medical advice from Karl over the phone, Bridget gets through the labour – until unforeseen complications with the umbilical cord threaten the baby’s life.

With the timely arrival of Declan and Ringo, Lucas manages to haul Sunny out of the ravine. Zeke’s rescue proves to be more difficult with his disturbing flashbacks. His memories of Phil and the rafting accident render him incapable of moving. Sunny is deeply concerned and encourages Zeke to talk about what he is experiencing.

Zeke finally trusts her enough to share his fears and vulnerabilities with her from that time. This serves to bring the couple closer together and deepen their relationship.

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