Bridget has emergency surgery

Friends and neighbours rally round as Bridget undergoes emergency surgery to relieve pressure on her brain. Meanwhile, Ned and Janae tell the police that Mickey witnessed Declan’s car fleeing the crime scene, and that he also saw Declan and Bridget fighting on the day of the accident.

Declan is devastated to learn that Bridget has been injured and horrified to learn he is the prime suspect. With a spare set of keys, he’s unable to prove he wasn’t driving the car, and flees from police custody. Nick later finds him hiding out at Lassiter’s and offers him shelter for the night. Laura is stunned to find him in their hotel room as Nick tells her that the kidnap plan is back on.

Susan is shocked to hear that Declan has been accused of causing Bridget’s accident. But realisation dawns when she learns that Declan’s dangerous car had only just been put up for sale, and was likely to be the same car Oliver bought for him.

It was also the same vehicle that Mickey saw at the crime scene, the one Karl borrowed and the one Susan drove. After checking with Karl, Susan comes to the sickening realisation, that when she fell asleep at the wheel she was the one who hit Bridget.