Leah receives a call from Brian saying he has kidnapped VJ and wants $30,000 ransom. Brian tells her he has a police radio and will know if she tells the cops. Bridget, suspecting Brian, tips off the police. When Leah hands over the ransom, the police announce the kidnapping on Brian’s police radio, prompting Brian to take off with both VJ and the cash. Leah is left distraught.

As the cops give chase, Brian skids off the road. Leah rushes to the scene and is relieved when she sees VJ is unharmed. She scoops her little boy into her arms and hugs him for all he’s worth. Back at Leah’s house, VJ is being fussed over.

Alf prepares to take Bridget to the airport and as Jai fetches his jacket, a necklace falls out for all to see. Alf’s slightly embarrassed. Unable to allow Alf to be fooled any longer, Rachel tells Bridget that it’s time to come clean. Bridget admits she’s been lying about having cancer – but little do they know her part in VJ’s abduction.

Meanwhile, Brian has made a full statement and the police turn up to arrest Bridget. Alf is horrified at the double blow – not only has Bridget deceived him, she’s a criminal as well!

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday February 17*

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