Bridget is expelled!

Bridget’s worries about going back to school turn in to a nightmare. She insists she’s ready and makes plans to keep her head down and lie low, however bully Justin Hunter has other plans. After a day of pranks, Declan and Bridget are at breaking point but it’s Bridget who finally snaps. The confrontation is witnessed by Principal Andrew Simpson who makes a harsh decision and expels Bridget from Erinsborough High.

Ty is offered a big break, to be the front man for a hot new band touring around Japan. Not wanting to leave Rachel, he asks her how she feels about him going and unwilling to get in the way of his dreams she says he can’t give up an opportunity of a lifetime. Meanwhile, Ty lies to the promoter about his recent troubles and signs the contract to front the band and go to Japan.

Paul gives Elle a feature on Andrew Simpson to do and she tries to back out. When Paul realises Elle still has feelings for Lucas, he decides to play matchmaker and asks Lucas to be the photographer for the news piece. When they turn up for the interview, tension rises between Andrew and Lucas and some awkward moments are shared. Will Lucas win Elle over Andrew?

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