Bridget is heartbroken

After Miranda convinces Bridget there are many reasons why Declan didn’t kiss her, and nothing to do with her disability, Bridget plucks up the courage to ask Declan out to the lake. But Declan stands her up, unsure of how he feels about her. Bridget is heartbroken when she realises the real reason for Declan’s no-show: he’s uncomfortable with her disability. Later, Bridget lays into him for his cowardly behaviour.

Worried how Janae will react, Ned tries to hide the fact that Kirsten is moving to Erinsborough, and puts off telling her. However, Janae is furious when she finds out that all the Parkers knew about Kirsten’s arrival and didn’t tell her. Ned assures her that their relationship won’t change, but Janae is unsure.

Karl and Libby worry about Susan, who is suffering from nausea, one of the side effects of her TIA medication. But Susan is more concerned with building bridges with Miranda, after the awkwardness of the trial and Bridget’s accident. The two women finally sit down to chat and resolve to work on their friendship.

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