Bridget lies unconscious…

Mickey and Jake are stunned to spot Bridget lying unconscious in the road. They flag down Karl who provides emergency medical care while Zeke calls an ambulance. Meanwhile, shaken Susan returns home, oblivious to causing the accident.

When Rachel and Zeke return from hospital, Susan is shocked to learn about the hit and run but is still unaware that she’s the person responsible. Elsewhere, Mickey tells Ned and Janae that he saw Declan’s car driving away from the crime scene. Will someone else end up taking the blame?

Assuming that Bridget is avoiding them, Steve and Miranda leave a series of angry messages on her phone. When they’re unable to reach her, Steve confronts Declan, blaming him for his daughter’s bad behaviour, and Ned is forced to step in to stop Steve getting violent. But when Steve and Miranda find out Bridget is in hospital, they race to their ill daughter’s side.

Mortified by Steve’s accusations, Declan finds an unlikely ally in Nick. But he’s unaware that Nick has an ulterior motive – kidnap. With Oliver loaded with cash, he is likely to pay a hefty ransom to ensure the safety of his little brother. Laura is horrified by the plan and Nick reluctantly agrees to put the idea to one side – for now.