Bridget and Alf are getting on well until she brings up the subject of their mutual attraction. Taken aback, Alf feels the only appropriate response as Bridget’s boss is to turn her down. But after thinking things through, Alf apologises and agrees to go out on a date with her after all.

Angelo is suspicious when Belle says she is too busy to spend time with him. Then, when he’s called in to break up a protest at the site for the new development, Angelo finds her chained to an excavator. When Belle refuses to leave, Angelo and Jack are left with no choice but to arrest the protestors, including Belle.

Rachel is thrilled to see Joe, the child she nearly adopted, and his dad Dane when they arrive at the hospital. However, she worries when she sees Joe covered in bruises and learns he has been admitted for a constantly bleeding nose. Dane is unimpressed when she voices her suspicions he might be hitting his son and flies off the handle. Later, Rachel feels terrible when the test results come back showing that Joe has bone cancer.

Also, Jack visits Martha at the Surf Club only to find her crying in the storeroom, devastated about losing her hair.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday November 10*

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