Bridget is convinced she has been wrongly expelled from Erinsborough High because she is pregnant. The Parkers seek legal advice from Toadie, who tries to talk Principal Andrew Simpson down to a suspension. But Andrew maintains Bridget is being made an example of for her violent outburst and not because she’s pregnant.

Despite her parents’ advice that she should avoid stress for the health of her unborn child, Bridget takes her story to the newspaper. When Bridget’s front-page expose hits the stands, it shocks her distressed parents and Steve makes Paul pay for the exploitation of his daughter.

Ty’s star is on the rise and the publicity machine kicks into gear with a hot photo shoot. Rachel observes Tanya sinking her claws into Ty, but is unsure what to do, as she doesn’t want to seem untrusting.

But when Tanya encourages Ty to satisfy his need for pain relief, and pushes some painkillers on him, Rachel draws the line. Rachel issues Tanya with a warning to stop playing games but steely Tanya has a warning of her own.

Callum is convinced Toadie’s missed out on happiness, and suggests ways his guardian might win back Kelly. Unfortunately, all Callum’s ideas are lifted straight from Toadie’s beloved collection of romantic comedy films.

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