Bridget meets Brian to discuss their plan

After Bridget apologises to Alf for her outburst, she meets Brian Lawler who hands over a package. Rachel’s suspicions of Bridget are quelled when she spies cancer drugs in her handbag. Bridget explains to Brian she’s set up a way of fleecing money from people and she’ll soon have her hands on all of Leah’s insurance payment.

Ruby is enjoying all the hot male bodies but when she sees Tony’s nephew, Xavier, her sights are firmly set. Annie is disappointed when their chick-flick date is blown off for watching horror movies with Xavier and his mate Damo. Ruby and Xavier kiss but Ruby could be getting herself involved with big trouble – an exchange in the Surf Club reveals that Xavier doesn’t just smoke pot, he’s deals it!

Aden and Irene are worried about Belle, and after blowing up at Aden, Belle goes to Rachel for help. Rachel diagnoses post-traumatic stress and prescribes medication. Belle doesn’t want to have to take medication in order to feel better. She doesn’t tell Aden, but he finds the prescription and he’s disappointed that she’s been shutting him out. Belle admits to Aden exactly what’s going through her head. She realises she needs to accept Rachel’s diagnosis and take the medication.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday January 26*

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