Bridget meets her birth mother

Bridget’s biological mother, Joanna, leaves her a pile of cash, and Bridget is devastated. She feels like she has been paid off. Steve pleads with Miranda to come clean, but she’s still too scared. Declan takes matters into his own hands and organises a meeting with Bridget’s mother, but Bridget follows him, and finally meets Joanna – her birth mother. Her anger dissolves as Bridget sees how troubled Joanna is, and she gets the chance to ask many burning questions. However Miranda interrupts, hoping to persuade Joanna not to reveal their secret deal.

Rachel asks Zeke to give her the chance to prove she’s not the person he talked about in the blog. Zeke wants to know what other things he might have done to hurt people, and is horrified when Rachel shows him his blog. He doesn’t like the Zeke of old. Rachel realises that until he goes back to Phil’s and lays the ghosts to rest, he will not truly come home. So she offers to help him get back to Phil’s place without Susan and Karl’s knowledge.

Callum is both freaked out and excited that Zeke has returned from the dead, and it is his approach which makes the adults rethink the way they might handle Zeke.

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