Bridget shocks Declan

Rebecca’s world is rocked when Paul announces that he’s leaving the country and would like to meet her to say their goodbyes. In a desperate attempt to make him return, Rebecca tries once more to prove that Sophie was a witness to the hit and run. But Kate voices her disgust – and fires a few home truths in the process. Rebecca faces the truth: Paul is leaving.

Declan and Bridget try to meet up with Paul and convince him to come home. However, when they arrive at the airport, they discover that Paul’s flight has already left. They’re unaware that Paul has returned home to Rebecca and is ready to face the music.

After venting her anger, Rebecca sees a glimmer of good in Paul and agrees to give their relationship another chance. With Toadie’s approval, Paul decides to lay low in order to find the Ramsay children’s father. After that, he will turn himself into the police.

Returning home from the airport, Declan’s car breaks down so he and Bridget seek shelter in a country church. Charmed by the atmosphere – and a chance conversation with Molly the organist – Bridget makes a shocking suggestion. She wants to marry Declan in the church – immediately.

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