Steph is confused by Lucas’s refusal to acknowledge what happened between them and fears she may have damaged a good friendship. Feeling guilty about his gambling and his treatment of Steph, Lucas throws himself back into life with Elle. However, Elle sees a confrontation between Steph and Lucas and confronts him. Lucas lies, making an excuse for why he’s in Steph’s bad books. When Steph approaches him again, Lucas tells her they’re just mates and that there is nothing going on between them.  

Bridget and Declan prepare for their first day back at school as new parents. Bridget’s determined to make it work, but she finds it hard to be separated from India and struggles to concentrate. But stubborn Bridget tells Declan she’s going to do this, she’ll be able to fit in parenting and studying at the same time.

Kate is similarly nervous about her first day at Erinsborough High. She is relieved when she realises that she isn’t the only one who has some catching up to do. Kate starts to fit in, but her joy is short lived. As the others make plans to hang out after school, Kate is forced to accept that her family responsibilities mean she won’t be joining in.