Bridget vows to keep quiet

Bridget is determined to come to terms with the news of her pregnancy alone and shuts everyone out in the process, including Declan, putting Elle in a difficult position. Delivering a firm ultimatum, Elle forces Bridget to seek the professional help she needs but the girls plead with her not to get involved. Bridget tries to convince Elle that she’s not alone and that her friends are there to help her. With a little bribery from Elle, Bridget finally agrees to go to the hospital to get professional advice.

Libby finds one of the pregnancy tests in the Robinson’s bin and immediately thinks it belongs to Elle. Libby decides to confront Elle with her suspicion that she is having Lucas’ baby. Elle doesn’t confirm or deny whether the test belongs to her, in an effort to protect Bridget’s secret. Libby is left wondering if Elle is having Lucas’ baby.

Elle and Libby, however, have bigger problems to deal with when Lucas and Dan restage their bike race to end their 10-year feud. Will the brothers risk life and limb for a race that cost them their relationship all those years ago or will they see sense before it’s too late?

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