Bridget wants to find her real mother

Dr Olenski gives Bridget the all clear, but questions her about her birth mother. This raises questions for Bridget about whether she should track down her real mother and when she raises the issue with Steve and Miranda, Miranda baulks at the idea and refuses to entertain the thought of Bridget finding her real mother. However, when pushed, Miranda gives in and signs the papers Bridget needs to locate her mother. What is Miranda’s real problem behind Bridget finding her birth mother?

Karl is tormented by the thought that Zeke is dead and worries he may never have known how much he and Susan love him. When Harold tries to give Karl words of faith, Karl freaks out and turns on his friend and his Christian beliefs, telling him to spare him his comforting lies.

Donna shows up at home after the rafting accident to find her new life has been gate-crashed. Her siblings Tegan and Simon have moved in to Elle’s place, temporarily, because they have run away from home. Forcing themselves on Elle, and then Donna. What could their arrival in Erinsborough mean and why is Donna so wary of accepting them in to her life?

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